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Artist Registration is currently by invite-only, but we’re reviewing new artists and sending invites every day. Just drop your email and social profile where you typically post your art into the form below! We’ll take a look at your social profile so we can learn more about you and the type of art you do. This only takes a few days.

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An easier way to sell art

We make it easy for artists to sign up, choose their store name, then start uploading their work. On every listing we have social buttons making it simple to share your work to your audience and let them know your artwork is available for sale (all with ready-to-go messages).

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Upload once, sell forever

Every sale on CO2ign Art represents an individual contribution to an artist and the environment. While each sold item has a unique digital signature, your digital images can be sold an unlimted amount of times to whomever wants to buy it. You own your art and retain all your rights.

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Bigger margins for the artist

While artists on many other sites make 15-20%, at CO2ign Art our artists make 30% on each piece sold, every time it sells. 50% of the list price goes to carbon credits to help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. We don’t charge any upfront listing fees.

What is CO2ign Art and how does it work?

CO2ign Art is an entirely new way to buy digital art. (Patent pending!) Rather than buying a physical print or digital token, a purchase from CO2ign Art means you’re buying a digitally signed copy. Plus, 50% of the list price goes to carbon credits certified by leading environmental standards organizations.