Distant Star


This is a digital design painting. I made this to study cosmic creativity. It is available on my website as a free download for personal use. Though I want to leave the option open to receive compensation for every bit of work I do to improve, create, and share my process to an Artful life. As An Intuitive Artist I believe my whole life and art style goes beyond the creative finished pieces and into the life of the creator. A creator can not fully be a creator to the fullest potential unless they master the artistry of sustainable living. To be able to devote so much of ones time practicing and pushing themselves to create so many pieces of expression so regularly is a very special privilege not many have enough of. Becoming a mother taught me how precious every moment and every intent truly is. How time for creativity must be very carefully and intricately woven through a life bent on chaos. You have to be adaptable.
So This is a step towards more experience and opportunities into my confidence. I believe in what i am creating and I believe in what it’s entirety beholds. I will invest in my goals and my creative living. I will design a new way of life. I seek true freedom through creativity.

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