October 2022 Art Challenges roundup

October 26, 2022

It’s the home stretch for anyone participating in Inktober, Drawtober, or any of the ongoing alternative October art challenges. Next, we’ll have a fun look at the variety of ways a single prompt can get interpreted, but this post is a grab bag of some of our favorite pieces from October’s art challenges so far. There are a lot of lesser-known “#[noun]tober”s out there that all sound like a lot of fun – and there’s still time to participate if one of them strikes your fancy!

Click through to the full-size images to give these artists some love! You should definitely check out the full hashtags as well – it was hard to choose even this small “reasonable” number of works to post, and there are hundreds more incredible pieces to check out.


Of course, we need to start here! We were so pleased to see the art that came out of these prompts!

Look at how cute those shrimp rolls are! And how glossy and appealing all the food looks!
Tycho’s art shines just like that rainbow shrimp
more #shrimpfacts!
Great application of texture!
I did NOT know that! #Shimpfacts!
girls night girls night! Thanks Andrada for this cute friend!
sadly not a #rockfact.

Spooky, Creepy, and Monstrous Art Challenges for October

How about some seasonally-appropriate challenges? If you’re someone who loves spooky season, you should definitely take a look at the #drawlloween/drawloween 2022, #ghostober, #wisptober, #weretober #occultober, and #monstober hashtags!

Other Themed Art Challenges

From our quick look around, there’s no shortage of themed challenges for October. Whatever your niche, subject, or medium is, there’s probably an October art challenge that caters to it! Check out these cool examples from #birdtober, #petaltober, #octoBEAR (not always Safe-for-Work), and #toontober.

Personal Art Challenges

Of course, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always make your own (like we did!) Womp3d – a company that makes an in-browser 3D print editor – hosted #womptober, encouraging participants to use their application. Over on Instagram, Brushup.com hosted a similar #brushupclubinktober. And while part of the fun can be seeing others take on the same prompts, making your own list of prompts and practicing on your own timeline is also fun and valuable.

Facebook (/Meta) disabled embedding, so we have to do an old-school screenshot. Visit liubov_edwards to give this piece the love it deserves!