UX updates + early supporter bonuses

March 6, 2023

New on CO2ign

We’ve just launched our updated gallery design and we’re excited to share it with you! If you start using either of the galleries below by March 31, you’ll get free bonus features as a thank-you.

We’re working hard to get new features and improvements out on a rolling weekly basis, but we could use more user data to make sure these features work as expected and are the best they can be – so let us know what you think!

Start today for early supporter bonuses
(and our gratitude!)

If you have at least 1 image in either your Purchases Collection or Commission Uploads gallery by March 15, you’ll get:

  • Priority pick of your public collection URL (co2ign.com/collection/[NAME])
  • More tba

If you have at least 5 images in either collection, you’ll also get:

  • 3 months of free access to advanced collection features (e.g. customizing layout and colors) when implemented
  • Limited-edition artwork only available for early supporters
  • Option to have your collection featured on CO2ign Art social media
  • More tba

Personal Collections

Our updated UX lets you view your purchased (CO2igned) art more easily! Now you can click to expand each image in your gallery to see the full version without needing to download the file. We’ve also made several UX improvements that allow you to enjoy more art at a glance.

Upload Commissions into Collection

Do you have a bunch of commissioned art, but no good way to really enjoy or share it? Now you can upload your previously commissioned work to a personal gallery, modeled after the Collections layout above – for free!

Coming very soon, you’ll also be able to share your commission collection publicly.

A screencap showing a Window's Explorer folder and an email inbox, with disorganized art files that are hard to keep track of.

Note – We will not use any art uploaded for any purpose, personal or commercial. Your uploaded artwork belongs to you and your artist.

Coming Soon

Coming very soon for both personal and commissioned Collections, we’ve also got a masonry view and tagging! You’ll be able to sort and filter by the existing tags, as well as add your own!

screencap of example masonry layout, screencap that displays a tag search ability, along with recently searched tags such as #pokemon, #dragon

If you encounter any problems while starting your collection, or have ideas for improvement, email what you’ve got to support@co2ign.com