CO2ign 2oundbites

June 17, 2022

We’ve previously covered some best practices for posting about your art on Twitter, but wanted to provide some resources on how to talk about your art on CO2ign specifically: we think what we’re doing here is pretty cool, but not exactly quickly explained, and therefore hard for artists to talk about when they post a link to their work.

We also know that the discussion around digital art and the environment can be intense right now, thanks to NFTs, and understand that artists might not want to take that on.

With that in mind, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for artists whose work is on CO2ign to feel comfortable promoting that!

Operators are Standing By

First and foremost, know that you’re not alone! We’re a small company, and that means we can be much more hands on with our (and your) audience–we can be summoned into a social media thread to answer questions at any time by pinging us @co2ign on Twitter or Instagram.  

Copyable Copy

As we covered in our previous social media post, tweets with links or CTAs about buying or selling (anecdotally) perform worse than tweets without, so replying to yourself with relevant links is already a best practice. Since you’re starting a thread anyway, replying a second time with a prewritten blurb about CO2ign is an easy way to get that information in without having to worry about paraphrasing.   

Hit the Highlights

Sometimes less is more! 

Here are the key points about CO2ign art that we think are the coolest; grab as many as you like and drop them into their own comment, or the top level if you have the characters for it:

  • 50% of every sale funds a conservation project
  • Proactive policies to avoid bot accounts/art theft
  • Non-NFT digital art: no blockchain, no cryptocurrency
  • Personalized purchase with your details added to the file’s metadata
  • Digital signature in the image metadata tying the buyer to the sale

Elevator Pitch Examples

CO2ign is a new, non-NFT digital art marketplace helping artists and the environment. 50% of every sale funds a conversation project, and, as standard digital files, CO2ign art avoids materials and shipping costs as well as the energy costs of NFTs.

CO2ign is building a community of people who love art and the earth. Along with funding CO2 reduction, CO2ign works to promote artists and provide them with a platform and resources. Learn more with this 2-min video:

Who or What is CO2ign, what’s a digital signature, and how does any of that help the planet? Check out this short video to hear how CO2ign is helping both artists and the environment!

If you want to learn more about the environment, carbon credits, motivations for purchasing art, and how CO2ign Art is helping both artists and the environment then check out our whitepaper, “Tomorrow’s Art, Today’s Problems: Digital Artists & Carbon Emissions”: