Best of October Prompts Art Showcase

October 28, 2022

It’s the final days of October and its plethora of art prompts, and so we must say goodbye to one of the most active art months of the year (though keep an eye on November – NaNoWriMo may be for writers, but there are some art-focussed alternatives out there, and we have something special in the works too!)

Here are some of our favorite October art prompts from #drawtober and #inktober’s official lists and the images created for them. We love seeing all the different ways a single prompt can be interpreted, especially across fandoms. Click through to the full-size images to give these artists some love! And, if you missed it, check out last week’s post of our favorite pieces from some of the lesser-known October art challenges.

prompt: “bat”

We do, little friend, we do.
A very specific Bat, by topicgurin on Instagram

prompt: “bluff”

prompt: “bouquet”

A fun application by galactic.peachy
who could turn down this romantic bouquet by valio_art?
An alternate take by aidanfloydillustrator

prompt: “fiendish familiar”

prompt: “kind”

A lovely interpretation by Toni Galmes

prompt: “ponytail”

prompt: “salty”

incredible line work by Remy joy art

prompt: “scrape”

prompt: “spellbook apprentice”

And that’s a wrap! While we’re sad to see it go, we’re looking forward to see what comes out of next year’s #Inktober, #drawtober, #monstober, and all the other challenges that help October feel like a real Artober.